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International Moving

International Moving: Services

Moving overseas can be complex, with many logistical and legal challenges.  In addition to origin and destination services, transportation by steamship, air carrier, or truck is typically required, along with the necessary customs clearance, and proper documentation preparation and submission. From start to finish, Brauns International | USA will help you and guide you along your way, coordinating every step with you and our partners’ clients worldwide, ensuring a seamless moving experience.

Personalized Move Consultation

Your Personal Move Consultant will coordinate all the logistics of your move, confirming move dates, compile and complete all paperwork and documentation for customs clearance and arrange for and track the transportation of your household goods.  And we communicate with you every step of the way.  

Origin and/or Destination Services

Brauns International | USA’s award-winning crews and operations staff, with an average of 14 years’ experience, ensure the highest quality services from wrapping, packing, and loading of your household goods at origin, to the level of care taken at your destination, including the unpacking, unwrapping, and set-up of your household goods and personal effects.

Brauns International | USA uses only the highest quality packing materials available in the industry.  

All crews receive ongoing training, are background checked, and drug-tested. 

Customs Clearance

Once Brauns International | USA receives all applicable paperwork, we verify that all of your information is correct and complete prior to sending the documents to the customs broker.

Your Personal Move Consultant will communicate with you and schedule a mutually convenient time for delivery.

For Diplomatic clearances, Brauns International | USA will communicate with you and your embassy to receive the State Department clearance which is necessary for the customs clearance.

Note:  Each country, globally, has specific household goods items that are prohibited or require special handling.  Please inquire with your Personal Moving Consultant or for the United States, visit US Customs and Border Protection

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