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Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection Detail: Services

Legal Liability Coverage – (All move types)

This is coverage for items that are lost, destroyed, or damaged during a move or while in storage.  All movers are required to provide carrier-based, liability coverage, which is 60 cents per pound coverage. For example, if your entire 10,000-pound shipment is destroyed by a fire, you would only receive $6,000 in replacement costs.

Full value protection – (Nationwide and International move types)
Full value protection is your best option to ensure your belongings are fully protected. Brauns International | USA has full coverage options to give you peace of mind.  Please discuss with your Brauns International | USA Move Consultant for a comprehensive understanding of costs and policy types.

Should the unforeseen happen, and filing a claim is necessary, your Personal Move Consultant is your single point of contact for filing and quick resolution.

Tip:  In addition, please contact your homeowners’ insurance policy agent to determine if your household goods may already have a level of coverage during a move.

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